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SENILITY. The state of being old.
     2. Sometimes in this state it is exceedingly difficult to know whether the individual is or is not so deprived of the powers of his mind as to be unable to manage his affairs. In general, senility of energy in some of the intellectual operations, while the affections remain natural and unperverted; such a state may, however, be followed by actual dementia or idiocy.
     3. When on account of senility the party is unable to manage his affairs, a committee will be appointed as in case of lunacy. 1 Coll. on Lunacy, 66; 2 John. Ch. R. 232; 12 Ves. 446; 4 Call's R. 423; 5 John. Ch. R. 158; 8 Mass. 129; 2 Ves. sen. 407; 19 Ves. 285; 2 Cyclop. of Pract. Med. 872. See Aged Witness.

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According to the Institute, the "mini mental state examination", which is a succession of eleven questions, and a good health background report is a basic tool in the diagnostic attempt to identify senility.
Alas, just when we are battling senility, forces are gathering to take advantage of our depleted abilities.
She also appeared to be showing signs of senility that was causing her distress.
The percentage reporting senility, dementia, or another cognitive deficit rose with age: 1% of those aged 65-74, 6% of those 75-84, and 18% of those 85 or older.
Organized thematically, works range from ancient depictions of amputation-related disability to Salvador Dali's surrealistic painting conveying senility.
The play explores the themes of senility, loneliness and treachery.
Worried about the onset of senility, they decide to win the local pub quiz to prove they still have their marbles.
From how to wake up a senior citizen to personal hygiene, food, recreation and dealing with senility or memory loss, the film explains in detail how to make an elderly person more comfortable at home and is aimed at caregivers whether they are family members, nurses, friends or servants.
What of others, who through ageing conditions other than senility, no longer have any quality of life, should we close their final weeks?
Drink tea cold, eat salad hot Enjoy the freedom of my senility Join the ranks of the grey nobility Callow youth, look on and strive And live for the time when you're sixty-five
And, he discusses how genetic "mismatches" cause the deadly diseases that afflict humanity today: diabetes, AIDS, cancer, and senility, among others.
If probable cause for inquiry is established but the judge disputes the finding, then a panel of judges on a different court would appoint a physician to perform a confidential examination solely for the purpose of determining senility or lack thereof.