sense of responsibility

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BEIRUT: The Higher Islamic Council convening under its deputy head Omar Miskawi Tuesday hailed the high sense of responsibility of hopefuls who withdrew their candidacies for the council's elections set for April 14.
Justice also tried to wakeup sense of responsibility among judges by saying, "It is now up to the judges to deliver justice wherever they are and deliver it in a manner that the aggrieved party gets the relief, which is due".
The sense of responsibility shown by the Security Council gives the lie to the campaign of disinformation and manipulation led by some Spanish media, Loulichi concluded said.
AoWe must reject individualism and progress our sense of responsibility towards future generations.
From difficulties falling asleep to an exaggerated sense of responsibility about healing people and 'acting out' stress or the pains of others, THE HIGHLY INTUITIVE CHILD is a pick any education or parenting collection needs.
The former prime minister said that, while he was not haunted by the decision, "I reflect on it, and am troubled by it, and feel a great sense of responsibility for it".
One way the airline achieves that is to instill in all its employees a sense of responsibility for customer satisfaction.
In view of China's dash to embrace the worst aspects of capitalist development (short term planning, the dismal execution of building projects and wholescale razing of historic structures), this might seem like a laughably lost cause, but amid the hubris and chaos a number of talented young Chinese architects and urbanists are trying valiantly to nurture a sense of responsibility towards culture, society and the built environment.
He gained a better relationship with his parents and a sense of responsibility.
Yet we know very little about whether a teacher's own sense of responsibility for that learning makes any difference to student achievement.
As he strives against a soul-crushing sense of responsibility, Claudies comes to realize the necessity and responsibility to protect others regardless of his own safety or desires to avoid more killing.
Her sense of responsibility seemed to extend even to her sudden, unexpected passing, which came shortly after she met the deadline for the April 24th issue.