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As you and the American people try to come to terms with this act of complete senselessness, and to address the trauma caused by it, I want you to know that the Government and people of India share your grief and prayers for consolation," he said.
Some have felt so motivated to help they have driven miles and miles to get to Machynlleth - a town whose beautiful setting betrays the senselessness of the news this week - and join the search.
We're briefing investors on the economic senselessness of the project and making them aware of the strong opposition to the proposal.
The Debtors' Act of 1869 in the UK abolished imprisonment for debt, recognising the senselessness of stopping people from earning money to pay off their dues and losing their contribution to the country.
When activists like Maysaloon and Ammar Abdulhamid and 'opposition' figures in the SNC speak about the desperate need 'to make deals with the devil' in order to topple the regime, it is sheer senselessness.
The rich variety of the fast-paced number, written in a virtually incomprehensible mixture of Gypsy/Roma and Serbian slang, even got the venue's security staff dancing (albeit involuntarily) as the rowdy circus below moved about energetically, as if trying to imitate the senselessness of Kusturica's fictional characters.
Her death came the day before the women's Christmas lunch at which friends stood in solemn silence, baffled by the senselessness of Mrs Rye's killing.
The story is a great way of introducing children to history, the senselessness of war and animal rights and is suitable for children aged eight to 12.
Talking about the senselessness of the ban on gambling and betting, Aman Nath, co-chairman, Neemrana Hotels, says, "The best parallel I can give you is that the case of prohibition.
We owe those who were there, including those who suffered and died, that much, that small act of cobbling together some bits of reason from the senselessness.
FEW films deal with integrity with the struggles of religious faith in the face of the cruelty and senselessness of the world.
Russians, and all of the world, were reminded again of the cruelty and senselessness of terrorism on Monday morning after two rush-hour bombings on the Moscow subway killed 39 people and injured more than 70 others.