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But this time, I performed more sensibly and I just didn't go blind.
Sensibly priced but not the excellent value that it used to be, this generation of Tucson has just celebrated its first birthday.
But with a little more thought and in some cases, a lot more consideration for others, there are ways of parKing safely, sensibly and getting your child to school on time.
Tom Queally: reacted sensibly to Frankel's slow stalls exit
Sensibly Seasoned joins the diverse Glory Foods product line already in stores, which includes a variety of heat-and-serve products, seasoned canned vegetables, cooking bases, hot sauces, and fresh greens.
The Sensibly Indulgent frosting has only 80 calories and only 3% saturated fat, compared to 125-plus calories typically found in buttercreme icing or whipped topping.
You say you eat sensibly but if you go back to eating the sort of things you did before then you are going back to what made you overweight in the first place.
By and large the cars are sensibly parked (no-one has ever blocked my drive) and as we are not on a main thoroughfare, the inconvenience is only "aesthetic" and of a few hours' duration - a minor annoyance but not really a safety hazard.
Matches at the Cheshire water are 'rovers' and after catching 37lb 6oz of carp and ide on the first day by casting at least 20 metres with a loaded peacock, Kieron sensibly returned to the same lake on Sunday.
THERE are some very sensibly reserved plates at the DVLA's next natty number auction in Barnsley.
MY good pal Fraser Wishart has always fought sensibly for the rights and benefits of all footballers.
It's a good idea to support those who think sensibly and want to live together in peace," Meurer said.