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The true values for the optimal Youden index and cutoff and the corresponding true maximum sensitivities and specificities were calculated from the true underlying distribution of test results among individuals with the disease and those without the disease.
Subsequent chapters include practical cooking and shopping information, nutrition planning, and a discussion of coping emotionally with food sensitivities.
WHO Workshop on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, 1996 (as summarized by Gots, who participated): MCS "cannot be recognized as a clinically-defined disease.
The merit of new or improved test equipment can, to a very important part, be judged by sensitivities (refs.
Applying the conventional test without distinguishing between shifts in these sensitivities generates a probability less than 1 percent that the response of nonresidential construction expenditures to changes in output or in the cost of capital is the same after 1985 as before.
It's oxymoronic to talk about fragrances that can be used by people with chemical sensitivities," says Albert Donnay, director of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Referral & Resources.
In addition, it misses low-sensitivity responses because there is no opportunity to detect allergic disease at sensitivities below the concentration of the antigen that is used.
1 includes two hypothetical calibration plots, a and b, with different sensitivities and measurement errors for two hypothetical methods identified as methods A and B, respectively.
Allergies to nuts figure prominently in the growing number of potentially life-threatening sensitivities to foods.
For most applications, either the equipment is not so delicate, or the changes in dynamic performance are not so great, that these sensitivities are not extremely critical.