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Results of the follow-up evaluation, 18 months after the students completed the STCW, were so compelling that we confidently recommend that professional schools teach sensitivity training using the principles of clown care.
These rehabilitation professionals felt sensitivity training should include interactive exercises designed to encourage each person's active participation.
In the fall, city employees will also undergo sensitivity training, and Not in Newark has obtained funding to also train teachers and run local ads addressing self-esteem among queer kids of color.
BILL I could say how the guys should get sensitivity training but, fact is, your school sounds like a microcosm of our society.
Marcus Logan, HOPE co-chair, told the Spectator, "We offer the students sensitivity training in ongoing sessions once a week and teach them how to develop strategies that reflect their school community, such as posters, programs, or plays, or what have you.
For the most part, I am interested to know about the quality of cultural sensitivity training police offers undergo, its effectiveness and the screening of police officers.
Very Big Adventures: The staff of Freedom Paradise, "the first and only size-friendly resort in the world," reportedly watches Beauty and the Beast as sensitivity training.
This 15-week program involves a two-hour intensive session where fathers will be given sensitivity training and the necessary skills to help them abstain from abusive behaviour.
Your company has a written antiharassment policy, you've trained your managers in litigation avoidance techniques, your employees have been sent to diversity and sensitivity training classes, and the entire workforce has been thoroughly counseled against the commission of harassment.
Civil rights organizations usually attempt to deter future discrimination by negotiating the implementation of administrative changes within the company, such as sensitivity training and the hiring of African Americans in key management positions.
It has poked fun at greedy medical professionals, trendy New Agers and emotionally challenged men who enroll in sensitivity training workshops.
This article introduces five management fads that were very popular in the second half of the 1900s, including: management by objectives (MBO), sensitivity training, quality circles, total quality management (TQM) and self-managed teams.