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And so as to keep the sensor safe during installation, it is built with a thicker housing that minimizes damage from over-torquing.
With differential sensor output, a precise and accurate measurement of thickness variation for any type of material in the sheet is provided.
Since then the company has developed a working prototype of the fence monitoring system that demonstrates the sensors ability to measure vibration in the event someone attempts to climb over or cut through a security or border fence.
The sensor has gone from a 1 kHz to a 2 kHz and currently a 4 kHz system.
Banner's upcoming Q45UR Remote Head Ultrasonics sensor has an 18 mm diameter ultrasonic head with a sensing window from 5 mm to 200 mm in a usable range of 50 mm to 250 mm with resolution as small as 0.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled World Wireless Sensors and Transmitters Markets provides a detailed analysis on the various wireless sensors and transmitters that cater to a number of end-user segments In this research service, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following sectors: home and building automation, industrial automation, aerospace defense and homeland security, healthcare, food and agriculture, energy and power, water and wastewater, inventory control and smart shelves, shipping - handling and smart containers, highway transportation and automotives, and OEMs.
In rubber and tire applications where spot size is important, the sensor should be mounted with the laser beam as close to perpendicular to the surface as possible.
Several I/O and sensor interfaces on the board allow the development and integration of sensor boards that leverage the full capabilities of the Imote2, making it a versatile and flexible platform for a broad range of applications, including imaging, acoustics, seismic and vibration based signal processing.
PH non-contact laser-based sensors for displacement and thickness measurements feature a built-in processor which is said to eliminate the need for external controllers.
Two packaged wireless sensor nodes with temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light and acceleration sensors
Also introduced is a mini-series sensor, the LSH (laser sensor head) 2401.
Preassure Sensors: These include pressure and flow sensors used in powertrain systems of passenger cars and pressure sensors used in brake, airbag, as well as tire pressure monitoring.