sensory experience

See: perception
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lids improve the drink sensory experience and are uniquely engineered and designed to allow for a better coffee and tea drinking experience.
Guide Dogs for The Blind Sensory Experience visits Moor End Academy, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield.
A higher quality sensory experience that entertains and excites consumers is considered a key factor that can differentiate one brand experience from another (Gobe, 2001).
Indeed, water is enormously appealing to the senses, so it is essential to enable the user to a sensory experience together to discover a phenomenon linked with water.
Melitta USA chose the UpShot Solution as their filter of choice mainly because of the full sensory experience that it provides.
As well as this, there's a level crossing that already affects the visual and sensory experience.
Linguists and psychologists have since long debated how much the parts of the brain that mediate direct sensory experience are involved in understanding metaphors.
The researchers wrote: "It shows that expectations can shape how the brain constructs a sensory experience.
The latest line of innovative solutions from the Experience the Difference program is designed to enhance the total sensory experience of consumer products through an array of forms and textures.
Visitors at Tyne & Wear Museums will be treated to a unique sensory experience.
All of her esoteric and idiosyncratic works are intelligent juxtapositions of sensory experience.
Descartes on the Cognitive Structure of Sensory Experience, ALISON SIMMONS