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A neurodiagnostic system (Nicolet Viking IV EMG/Evoked Potential System, Nicolet Biomedical, Madison, WI, USA) was used to determine stimulus intensity, CNAP latency, CNAP amplitude, and CDP amplitude after sensory nerve stimulation.
Connector nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord link your sensory nerve cells to your motor nerve cells, allowing you to make decisions.
Motor and sensory nerve conduction studies of the peroneal, posterior tibial, and sural nerves and the posterior tibial F-responses were normal in both lower extremities (Table 2).
The improvements occurred in individual measures of nerve conduction, including sensory nerve conduction velocity, tibial motor nerve distal latency, and sensory nerve action potential.
The sensory nerve roots are separated from the motor nerve roots and stimulated electrically while the leg muscles are observed for contraction.
Pain receptors are specialized sensory nerve endings that responds to various stimuli (such as a burning candle) by responding with a pain signal.
Less commonly, the disease attacks the main sensory nerve on one side of the face, in which case it can involve the eye, requiring the attention of an ophthalmologist.
On the contrary, our preliminary data strongly suggest that sensory nerve contributes pulp cells and matrix-producing cells of odontoblast lineage to the growing tooth.
Kyle had an operation to straighten his legs, called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), which involved cutting some of the sensory nerve fibres that come from the muscles and enter the spinal cord to improve mobility.
Sensory nerve conduction studies were performed antidromically.
Bilateral median and ulnar sensory nerve conduction studies on the second and fifth digit-wrist segments recording from the wrists and medial antebrachial cutaneous (MAC) nerve conduction studies recording from the antebrachial region and stimulating from the area medial to the biceps tendon were recorded.