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During the first part of the century, Platonic innatism and Aristotlean empiricism approached the role played by these two concepts in human learning from different perspectives, while the sensualism (or sensism) of Lock and Condillac offered yet another perspective.
But it did this without going over to some variety of sensualism or materialism, such that it could, as Pick had it, "delight in the beauty of the world without considering it man's final end or worshipping it.
Antebellum Americans wanted to recapture the glorious cultural flourishing of the Greeks without falling into their perceived traps--licentiousness, sensualism, hypocrisy.
And yet even if the novelist's implied criticism of her character's ingenuousness is understandable, Roig's juxtaposition of a female in a cafe, tasting hot chocolate and dreaming of transparent curtains, with the active, engaged males in the streets participates in an antifeminist republican discourse dating back at least to the French Revolution, according to which the austere principles of Republican men arc counterposed to the compromised sensualism of aristocratic or affluent bourgeois women.
He also suggests that it has worked in reverse as well, focusing on the ways Oliver Wendell Holmes seeks to separate Emerson's idealism from Whitman's sensualism.
That gift gave birth to unrestrained creativity featuring the artist's signature holographic imagery and abstract sensualism.
A simple picture of a dress that covers a woman's feet to the ankles and her hand reaching down to pick up her purse near her high heels exudes the sensualism associated with A Thousand and One Nights.
Such sensualism sets him apart, at least in degree, from the other Hebrew poets of his era.
As Batchelor rightly notes of Montherlant, it was not to the "the nudism, eroticism, and general immorality propagated by the cinema and press that the sensualism of sport and the cult of the body should lead, but to the cultivation of a healthy mind in a healthy body" (xiv).
She would spend her days dressing in Marjorie's father's sumptuous costume designs, gazing at herself with a choked sensualism while her husband fluttered about, making prissy adjustments, tugging and pinning his wife like a tailor's dummy.
In his initial approach to ethics Husserl tries to solve the antitheses between Hume's ethical sensualism and Kant's ethical absolutism by subjecting both the formal and the material sphere to a comprehensive phenomenological analysis of the acts of feeling and willing (Gemutsakte).
Norman Daniel elaborates through Islam, Europe and Empire saying that these "highly coloured pictures provide inexpensive satisfaction to the deeper instincts, the murky sensualism, the unconscious masochism and sadism of the peaceful Western bourgeoisie.