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in the novel, Socrates has already been somewhat compromised by the satiric portrayal of his namesake in the 'Tale of Aristomenes' in Book 1, the man whose sensuality brings about his downfall; it is a portrait based in part on negative stories about the historical Socrates as unkempt and dirty, an indolent sensualist, neglectful of his family and helpless victim of aggressive women, stories which were current even in his own lifetime and later.
a sensualist who left unmentioned what he was most excited about.
Presumably, any Israelite queen would be aware of the requirements of Deuteronomy 17:14-20; this queen echoes them when she warns the king not to be a sensualist who lives in luxury and neglects
author of over a dozen cookbooks, host of the PBS television show The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter and owner of Chicago's landmark restaurant Charlie Trotter's and the more casual retail and catering company Trotter's To Go, explains the reason he was first attracted to the kitchen: "First and foremost I'm a sensualist.
Famous for his ruthless business deals, her host, and yet a warm sensualist.
During their friendship, Weisbord knew Kamala variously, as a "Krishna lover, a proselytising celibate, reclusive widow, star convert, awakened sensualist and now an almost virgin.
This labor, in which they do not participate, this labor so foreign to the experience and perceptions of the sensualist, is a kind of secret.
If she was inclined to be a sensualist, one might have thought such occurrences would have happened at other times during the marriage.
This compelling book, selected by Tom Lux for the National Poetry Series, introduces Anna Journey as a sensualist of history and place, of desire, fear and language-love: love of knowing the names of things and using those names to specify a world inhabited by both the living and the dead.
But where history had held Charinus a sensualist who made fruitless war on Dioclesian, (35) the play has him hoping for and welcoming a partner in rule, and there is never a hint of tension between the two emperors, even though Charinus inherits his power while Diodesian rises from obscurity.
Then there was Sargent the sensualist, Sargent's Venice and another study was made on the painter's figure and landscape studies.
Like Walt Whitman, another sensualist working the other side of the Atlantic at the same time, Hopkins opens the doors of stanzas in order to disrobe.