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You do not scruple to make a libertine of that noble man; you call him a sensualist as coolly as if you were speaking the truth, and yet it would not be possible to find a chaster man.
The populace think that your rejection of popular standards is a rejection of all standard, and mere antinomianism; and the bold sensualist will use the name of philosophy to gild his crimes.
His worn-out passion, resembling in its impotent fierceness the excitement of a senile sensualist, was badly served by a dried throat and toothless gums which seemed to catch the tip of his tongue.
To think that I could for one instant have looked for help from that coarse brute, that depraved sensualist and blackguard
With pessimism hard to match or refute, he said the last stage of cultural development might best be described by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: "Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved.
Incredibly, this nasty painting- brawny, gloating, dark-skinned demons dragging terrified sensualists off to eternal punishment--was somehow deemed to be less unpleasant than his more characteristic pictures.
The sensualists," meaning clerics who freely admitted they live in conflict with church teaching, but who seemed relatively untroubled by the contradiction.
I know that it will take a considerable length of time to eradicate the firmly rooted prejudices which sensualists have planted; it will also require some time to convince women that they act contrary to their real interest on an enlarged scale, when they cherish or affect weakness under the name of delicacy, and to convince the world that the poisoned source of female vices and follies .