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Women can learn how being physically fit, nutritionally healthy and having a beauty regime that helps radiate sensuality can bring about a significant change in their lives.
Ambiance, The Store for Lovers, helps empower women and encourages them to embrace their sensuality.
Series descriptions, the bulk of the book, list all titles in the series and give an overview of the characters and plot, plus ratings on plot type, violence, humor, and sensuality.
Interestingly, he has used a blue pen for his eyes and a red pen for his mouth, the latter suggesting a sensuality.
To me, sexuality is very different from sensuality.
I am strongly of the view that spirituality without sexuality and sensuality is arid.
Sleek and streamlined, it featured her extraordinarily diverse company--dancers tall and short, black, white, and Asian--in a work that focused on the power, sensuality, and expressiveness of human bodies.
A compendium of images from more than thirty international photographs commissioned to capture the charismatic essence of orchids, the sensuality of sand, and the grace of the human form, "Like Sand From Orchid's Lips" presents photographic images as a fine art characterized by passion, reflection, and design.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2005: In a style reminiscent of Anne Rice, Meyer brings the macabre to a small Washington town in a novel combining mystery, romance, fantasy, and sensuality, Isabella Swan has moved to her father's house in tiny Forks, Washington, a twilight town where perpetual rain and mist stand in stark contrast to her mother's home in Phoenix.
Cruelty abounds, sensuality runs riot, and it's all naughty, nutty fun.
With a sensuality quiz included in the special packaging, you can't go wrong.
Thirty years later, in Paris, she began photographing her young daughter Eva, documenting her maturity through the years in both clothed and nude portraits which weave sensuality, innocence, and art.