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Wendy Moulton, from Old Swan, sent | |in this picture of 16-year-old George
5 : to give an order or request to come or go <Our principal sent for the child.
Those wanting event notices will receive just these types of messages; others will be sent weather warnings and notes on early closings.
If users only connected to switched outside networks, all should be well, as only data directed at that user's machine would be sent down that line.
She has sent out nearly 180,000 dog tags in two years.
The amount sent home rises when there is an economic crisis [in the home country], like, for example, when there is a hurricane or a natural disaster," says Martinez Rolland.
Consulting firm Ferris Research estimates about 500 million spims were sent in 2003--double the number sent in 2002.
Before returning to the Father, he sent the church to continue the mission given by the Father and empowered her with his Spirit.
It played that role even more in 1994, when the Web was still in its "before" stage and two Arizona lawyers, Martha Siegel and Laurence Canter, sent out an infamous spam advertising their services, provoking a furious reaction.
Social Security numbers may be included in applications and forms sent by mail, including documents sent as part of an application or enrollment process, or to establish, amend or terminate an account, contract or policy, or to confirm the accuracy of the Social Security number.
He also attempts to argue for their uniqueness: "Although there have been claims of appearances of angels in the history of religions outside of Christianity (Islam, Mormonism), report of a human person sent by God appearing across history with a message for the world is quite simply unique to Marian apparitions.
Their final declaration: "No response to a signal or other evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence should be sent until appropriate international consultations have taken place.