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At the height of the conflict, some Montreal neighbourhoods looked like Pyongyang or Tsinghua University during the Cultural Revolution, with red flags and sententious banners waving from hundreds of windows and balconies.
the Court's pronouncements have tended toward the sententious (26)
106) The maxims describe the essence of a personified equity in equally sententious language.
Then our sententious Stensberg informed us that a "condescending" and "bully" Christie believes private corporations "have all the answers" and that our federal government "has never had a role in making our nation a better place to live.
He was accused, quite rightly, by his contemporaries of killing more patients than he saved; but, lest we are tempted to be sententious, it must be remembered that Dr.
Never mind the readings of ads for long-defunct products in magazines that no longer exist: Whether merely sententious or as gripping as a thriller, hectoring or satiric, the hook never reads as dated.
That said, the downside of this "pointing" is that the didactic tendency sometimes leads to an overuse of declaration, giving some passages a sententious quality.
Similar to the inventional nature of the classical topics, the medieval collections of sententious excerpts were considered invaluable aids to invention.
His saintly conduct, however, is frequently perceived as unbearably good to the point of being too pushy and interfering: 'With this thin figure on his one leg, black-dressed, ceremonious and sententious, no one could have any fun without arousing public recriminations, malice and back-biting' (63).
Although Mason constantly reminds us that Marshall knows French, the novel's dialogue is stiff, serving as clumsily disguised exposition and larded with maudlin speeches and sententious proclamations.
I want to try to trump up some emotion here, make this into a moment all full of sententious catharsis, but the truth is I didn't understand what my father wanted from me right then.
Trading from the shop in London used by John Newbery, Harris was a leading player 'in the fight of the champions of the imagination against the "kill-joys" who sought to impose a strict and sententious morality on children's reading'.