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Sokolowski proposes that a first separatio takes the knower beyond material, mobile being; a second is required to progress beyond the composition of ens and esse to God as Ipsum Esse Subsistens.
4 THIS IS NOT A FILM (Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb) Under mounting repression, Iranian cinema gave us two superb works: Asghar Farhadi's A Separatio and Panahi's courageous, craftily allusive "document" of his life under house arrest.
Fit vero ei reverencia ex modo sue consecrationis, que est separatio et distinctio cum solempnitate a re non sacrata.
A second separatio occurs, termed chaos, an agglomeration of matter comparable to a mass of compressed gas.
While separatio is the key concept in Paracelsus, mixtion is the central one in Beroalde.
Surely there is an existential deepening; metaphysical knowledge occurs only with a separatio, or negative judgment; multiple texts on participation cannot be ignored; and the analogy of proportion, the analogy of one to another, is considered fundamental (Thomas employed proportionality only fleetingly in the De veritate).
I don't want to give away the ending, but they are trying either to make the marriage work or make the separatio n work.
Licet enim numquam per aliquem sensum videatur haec affirmatio uel negatio, nec eorum separatio in re, si tamen ex sensibilibus apprehendatur affirmatio uel negatio, et intellectus componat hanc propositionem 'de omni affirmatio vel negatio vera', assentitur isti.
As a result, the speculative sciences are differentiated according to their degree of separation from matter and motion [speculabili, quod est obiectum scientie speculatiue, per se competit separatio a materia et motu, uel applicatio ad ea; et ideo secundum ordinem remotionis a materia et motu scientie speculatiue distinguntur].
For Aquinas, access to the very subject matter of metaphysics is crucially dependent upon the distinctive negative judgment he labels separatio.
fidei, quod est quasi quaedam sigillatio primae veritatis in mente") of the early Aquinas (Hall places the Expositio in the late 1250s), the role of the modus intellectualis in metaphysics and sacred theology, certain textual controversies, and of course the infamous and muchflogged doctrine of separatio.
19) By and large abstractio and separatio are interchangeable in Thomas's usage, but in this article he assigns a narrower sense to each thanks to which they are distinguished.

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