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Mulla Had Sabzawar (1797-1878) mentions, in his Manzuma al-Hikmah, separative distinction and otherness and contrasts it to what he calls "attributive distinction" (tamayuz wasfi)--the latter being identical to the comprehensive distinction that was mentioned above.
On the other hand, both interior and exterior local cases form triads, each of them consisting of a directional, a static and a separative case (terms adopted from Viitso 2003 : 33, 206).
The separative value is the clearest manifestation of this primary value of the internal t forms: alaku means "to go" and atluku means "to go by gaining distance in space from the point of origin," hence "to go away, to leave.
The class-inclusion and separative constructions express the more permanent property.
Referring to the machine used in uranium enrichment, Khamenei, who has the final word on all matters of state, said: "Their aim is that we accept a capacity of 10,000 separative work units, which is equivalent to 10,000 centrifuges of the older type that we already have.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Louisiana Energy Services (LES) today announced plans to pursue expansion of the National Enrichment Facility from its current planned size of 3 million separative work units (SWU) to 5.
The work, combined with other ongoing USEC commercial obligations, will require approximately five million separative work units (SWU), a standard measure of uranium enrichment that represents the effort that is required to increase the concentration of the U-235 isotope in the uranium.
The community has a network of stormwater separative type of a length of about 110 km, divided between 80 km and 30 km underground networks superficial networks.
Central to calculations about centrifuges is their efficiency, usually measured in terms of separative work units (SWUs), which relate to both the amount of material processed and the degree of enrichment reached.
8 million separative work units (SWU) of production based on current estimates of machine output and plant availability.
2 million in 2011 compared to 2010, reflecting lower sales volume and higher costs for separative work units (SWU) and uranium sold and the effect of pension plan and postretirement benefit plan curtailment charges related to the conclusion of contract services work at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP).
The tasks relate to activities: silviculture, forest protection, timber harvesting and hauling, nursery and seed, disaster natural subversive and separative performance of skidding and squares skladnicowych, podwozu timber storehouse in Domaszkowie (from the whole forest district).