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By using the same arguments presented above it follows that the only possible w-limit for the unstable separatrix of the saddle-node is a periodic orbit which has to surround the six saddle-nodes, see again Figure 4.
Separatrix is a line denoting the geometric place of points where the imaginary part of complex potential v(x, y) is equal to 0.
Coordinates of separatrix points are given in Table I for the step [increment of x] = 1.
the peak of the function) intersects the separatrix, which is the boundary of the lower basin.
One is associated with the attractor at zero, the other, with the upper repeller; the lower repeller marks a separatrix, separating the two basins.
The domains of attraction to each equilibrium are divided by a separatrix running through the origin and equilibrium (4).
Two equilibria exist in this domain: one lies on the separatrix and is unstable, the second is the stable mixture equilibrium.