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STEC, and Y enterocolitica were used for estimating the incidence of foodborne sequelae (Table 1).
HIV-positive children who begin ART in infancy are at increased risk of CNS sequelae compared with untreated perinatally HIV-infected children.
Neurodevelopmental sequelae of intraventricular haemorrhage at 8 years of age in a regional cohort of ELBW/ very preterm infants.
Professional athletes might have neglected an education to compete and find themselves in retirement by age 23 with dim prospects, and physical and psychiatric sequelae from their athletic years.
The behavioural sequelae of pTBI include hyperactivity, impulsivity, social disinhibition, aggression, poor temper control, mood swings and psychiatric disorders.
Sixty (30 male and 30 female) patients with tuberculosis sequelae between 50-65 years of age were selected from the inpatient department of the Government Hospital of Chest Diseases in Puducherry-6.
The persistence of physiological, radiological and immunological defects in MTB despite treatment and the observation of sequelae in treated cases of pulmonary tuberculosis patients point to the fact that these patients have not regained optimal health despite achieving a microbiological cure.
Four key benefits of investing in STI control are reduction in STI-related mortality and morbidity; reduction of risk of HIV transmission; prevention of long-term sequelae of STIs such as cervical and anal cancer; and reduction in adverse outcomes of pregnancy due to STIs.
Late stage patients suffer more sequelae -- continued symptoms -- after treatment and are far more likely to fail treatment than patients diagnosed in a timely fashion, with early Lyme disease.