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6,8) When fine adhesions are detected early in the course of SJS, the division of these adhesions as a relatively minor procedure may be helpful in preventing the development of thick fibrous bands and severe sequelae such as introital stenosis, vaginal narrowing, or complete vaginal canal obliteration.
All of the post-Ebola sequelae add up to general disability for survivors, Dr.
After a rapid review of the literature, we developed an electronic proforma to collect demographic data and signs and symptoms previously reported as EVD sequelae using Microsoft Excel 2010 (Microsoft Corp.
9) studied post intubation laryngeal sequelae in 12 bed multidisciplinary ICU for a period of 1 year.
Delayed neurologic sequelae was defined as delayed development of new symptoms or signs after a period of days to weeks following acute CO poisoning, including apathy, disorientation, memory impairment, hypokinesia, mutism, irritability, and bizarre behavior, without other apparent cause.
Aruna Chandran and coworkers at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, because she considers this to be the first good-quality, comprehensive data on the long-term sequelae of childhood bacterial meningitis.
Neurodevelopmental sequelae of intraventricular haemorrhage at 8 years of age in a regional cohort of ELBW/ very preterm infants.
The behavioural sequelae of pTBI include hyperactivity, impulsivity, social disinhibition, aggression, poor temper control, mood swings and psychiatric disorders.
Reported sequelae of traumatic medical events include increased fears, irritability, behavior problems, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances (including nightmares), eating and feeding problems, and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms.
The patient was discharged with sequelae findings (House-Brackmann grade V).