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Through constructing measurement matrixes in range and azimuth sequently, the algorithm applies the CS technique in two dimensions with a significant reduction of data amount.
Sequently, the gel pieces were shrunk in acetonitrile and completely dried.
It is reasonable to produce P with the specified yield as fast as possible in order to reduce the cost for sequently treating the low-priced by-product.
They look at our motives as being more pure than other people trying to lobby them and con sequently are more respectful of our message.
The patient sub sequently experienced a flare of SLE symptoms, and doses of the immunosuppressant agents were consequently increased.
A member who does so impairs in dependence "in appearance" because the public likely would think he or she is too close to the client's business to perform attest services objectively and might also question a firm's independence when the member (or another professional from his or her firm) sub sequently audits the results of those decisions.
Con sequently mess, as in Sartrean existentialism or naturalist novels, may produce disgust and nausea, or it may conversely produce a profound appreciation of the material world contiguous with the self.
Con sequently, Erima village court fulfils neither John Kaputin's rhetorical prophesy of the enshrinement of 'customary law' in national law (1975:12), nor the intention of legal planners that it would gather informal dispute settlement procedures into the centralised legal system (Bayne 1975:33).
Con sequently all the city's contrasts, contradictions and ambiguities seem to be magnified by the scorching sun.
Con sequently, the study does not attempt to make generalizations about water conservation behavior of all rural Ontario residents.
More than one manufacturer has been faced with the dilemma of forgoing critical distribution and relegating a new product to a fringe entry or reducing the initial trade value and con- sequently promotional funds to comply with the demands of price point.
They sub- sequently demonstrated that dimers are more effective antibiotics than single molecules.