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This article aims to demonstrate that political skill is a key characteristic that, when possessed by acquired top managers, will positively influence not only the creation of value, but more importantly, the creation of serendipitous value.
Steve Goldner, senior director of social media for MediaWhiz, notes that, in light of the serendipitous news reading study, "Publishers now need to consider how to optimize the consumption of their content.
When it comes to theory building, this deliberate search versus serendipitous discovery dichotomy lends itself to the logic of a unidimensional continuum corresponding to the subjective and objective aspects of opportunities (Alsos & Kaikkonen, 2005).
The college was involved in the serendipitous discovery of sucralose - otherwise known as Splenda - in 1976.
The discovery of X-rays or Rontgent rays in 1895 was also considered as serendipitous in nature.
It was a bit serendipitous that I had just finished reading Lewis Buzbee's The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop when I picked up my March/April Bookmarks and found that, like Mr.
Papers cover libraries of the past, including the military libraries of the British Empire, the private libraries of the early nineteenth century, and the Carnegie libraries; libraries as places of communal experience, as in a black community before civil rights, for women seeking public lives, for sexual minorities or for those seeking an information community; as places of learning and scholarship as serendipitous space for scholars and goads for undergraduates; and as elements of culture as places of pleasure or imagination, as in the hellish library of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The inspiring effects of serendipitous happenings upon research do not eliminate the prerequisites of toil and rigour, but losing one's 'bearings' can push the researcher into new territory in which to apply his or her efforts.
Later, in her opening comments at the Rainbow Room festivities, Colleen Cunningham, FEI president and CEO, noted that it was serendipitous that the NYSE enjoyed a record high close the day FEI's Hall of Fame honorees rang the bell.
All of these old guys said, `This might be my last chance to win a World Series,''' Jerry Reuss said the other day at Dodger Stadium, remembering the cause to which he contributed 10 wins in the regular season and a 2-1 win over Ron Guidry in game 5 of the World Series (and had the serendipitous injury that prompted Fernando Valenzuela's Opening Day start).
I dreamt that one day, One serendipitous hour before I go, My doorbell would ring, And there you would be Smiling that shy beguiling smile of yours.