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I'm thrilled to partner with Serendipity Labs to bring the next-generation workplace to Northern New Jersey and South Florida," said Brian Stolar, President and CEO of The Pinnacle Companies.
It was Serendipity Literary Agency CEO and author (You Should Really Write a Book: How to Writer Sell and Market Your Memoir) Regina Brooks who, inspired by She Writes Press's mission to support the efforts of women writers, first came up with the idea for the contest: “As an agent, writers often send me wonderful memoirs that have great potential but don't feel right for the Big Five publishers,” Brooks said.
Annie Mostoufi, owner of Serendipity, said: "I have had 10 apprentices work with me since I first set up my business and didn't have a second thought when recruiting Shannon.
Tuesday McGillycuddy's mother is a writer, using the pseudonym Serendipity Smith.
For many people, I'm sure, serendipity is low on the list of words that come to mind in graduation season--way beneath words like, "Get a summer job, kid.
A project at University College London is trying to find out why do lucky accidents seem to happen to some people and not to others and if there is any way we can make ourselves experience more serendipity, or at least learn how to recognise and take advantage of it when it happens.
Mr Franco, who has owned Serendipity since 1998, believes programmes like Antiques Road Trip are good for his business.
They identify eight skills necessary to create "planned serendipity," foster conditions for serendipity, and attract it: maximizing physical and conceptual movement in the workspace; preparation (the ability to link together unconnected events, information, and people); divergence (minimizing fixed plans and goals to allow for changing circumstances); committing to the right option); activation (creating new activities to open up awareness of all possibilities); optimizing the number and quality of connections with others; permeability (replacing the rigid walls most organizations have with others and creating an open exchange of information); and attraction (projecting purpose into the world).
It is all about utilizing what they call "planned serendipity.
Mae Katy yn hen gyfarwydd --'r c'r gan ei bod wedi rhannu llwyfan -- nhw sawl gwaith, yn ogystal -- pherfformio ochr yn ochr -- sawl aelod yn y c'r Serendipity.
Bydd y drwmpedwraig Alison Balsom yn perfformio fersiwn arbennig o'r Vocalise gan Rachmaninov a bydd cr Serendipity dan areiniad arweinydd Only Med Aloud