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The venerable cathedral towers, and the old jackdaws and rooks whose airy voices made them more retired than perfect silence would have done; the battered gateways, one stuck full with statues, long thrown down, and crumbled away, like the reverential pilgrims who had gazed upon them; the still nooks, where the ivied growth of centuries crept over gabled ends and ruined walls; the ancient houses, the pastoral landscape of field, orchard, and garden; everywhere - on everything - I felt the same serener air, the same calm, thoughtful, softening spirit.
For much of the closing set, Williams was barely recognisable, Watson the serener by far, before she finally fell to a 6-2 4-6 7-5 third-round defeat.
You used to stand to't, that the choicest paint, Lookt on when she stood by, appear'd so faint That the best colour rather seemd a foyle To sit here off, then any way to soyle Her cleare cheekes by compare; vermilion die Lookt like red oker, in her company, And all the lustre, that it had, it tooke From the faire rose in her serener looke.