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The small form factor (or SFF) drives also uses the serial technology interface, but delivers more capacity in gigabytes per U space and increases performance in Input/Output per Second per U space (1 U = 1.
Host connection is very straightforward with Serial ATA Signal Extend internal to external cables, PCI mounting brackets and a shielded 1-meter SATA cable per drive included.
The FBI derived its current definition for serial killing from legislation that describes serial killing "as a series of three or more killings, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same offender or offenders.
Podcasting and serial video clips are the next wave of on-demand, creative, entertaining and informative programming.
Serial ATA extends the parallel ATA technology roadmap by delivering disk interconnect speeds starting at 1.
T10 forwarded Serial Attached SCSI to INCITS at our May 8, 2003 meeting, where it will go through a 45-day public review period," said John Lohmeyer, Chair of the T10 Technical Committee and Principal Engineer, LSI Logic.
The Agilent E5910A serial link optimizer embodies the continuation of a collaboration with Xilinx that has previously produced breakthrough concepts in coupling test and measurement with FPGA technology, specifically Agilent's FPGA dynamic probe, first introduced in March 2004.
Reducing SAN Costs and Complexity with iSCSI and Serial Attached SCSI
The ESP-2 MI has 32MB of SDRAM and 4MB of flash to make devices respond with direct-connect speed, and its superior management tools, compact design and economy mean that as the network grows, it is easy to open more ports or add other serial devices wherever and whenever they are needed.
Today's design engineers must develop firmware to communicate via serial communication protocols to a number of components typically found in embedded systems.
Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP): A mapping of SCSI supporting multiple initiators and targets
Our entrance into the serial flash memory market is another example of SST's product diversification strategy," said Mike Briner, vice president, Application Specific Products Group at SST.