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Please contact us with any of your global real time automations solution & compliance, serialization, and or track and trace needs.
In the longer term, serialization could become the main tool for brand protection across a wide range of markets.
With dual serialization marking and coding systems, Kodak is empowering brands to become more effective at monitoring, detecting and enforcing measures against diversion and counterfeiting.
Hans Vanderwegen, CEO 4XScience: "This alliance will allow us to further develop our expertise on SAP AII and OER to continue addressing the industry's needs for implementation of serialization and authentication technology across the supply chain.
Oracle Pedigree and Serialization Manager generates and stores a record of each pharmaceutical product as it moves through the supply chain from manufacturer to distributor and, ultimately, to the retailer or hospital.
Maryland joins several other states, most recently Hawaii, in recognizing that bullet serialization is not practical and simply bad public policy," Keane said.
It first appeared as a magazine serialization, but its book version really reached out to larger audiences.
And the controlling factor of this microcosmic aspect of the music, that's the small aspect--that is, what note follows what note--could best be determined, at least in the '50s, by serialization, the twelve-tone technique.
A serialization of original and necessary duplicate units of storage media
After this definition, the author shows how difficult it is to quantify serialization in various languages.