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Since the Dickey-Fuller tests assume that errors are not serially-correlated errors, the appropriate lag length is one in which the observed residuals are not serially correlated.
In Scenario Data #34 (continuity, cut, fold), 1999, Schaerf took a photographic image of a carnation-and-lyre motif from a dress by the fashion designer Pelilla and had it serially printed as wallpaper.
80gsm,Register-1qr, (in ledger paper, serially numbered-90Pages) good quality, F.
The daisy chain configuration enables users to read the position information of individual devices serially, via a single two-wire bus.
The 300 Sheets should be machine numbered serially such that each set (ie 6 sheets) should have the same serial number.
Each Register must contain 30 pages and serially numbered Specification (Leave other than Casual Leave Register) Paper:To be printed in 54 GSM TNPL white paper in the Size of 20.
The Metropolitan District bonds will mature serially on September 1, 2007 through 2036 while the Consolidated Public Improvement bonds mature serially beginning September 1, 2007 through 2026.

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