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[Latin, Severally; separately; individually; one by one.]


(sear-ee-ah-tim) prep. Latin for "one after another" as in a series. Thus, issues or facts are discussed seriatim (or "ad seriatim") meaning one by one in order.

See: consecutive


‘one after another’, as listed in a series or list.

SERIATIM. In a series, severally; as, the judges delivered their opinions seriatim.

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In contrast, seriatim and parcel-specific zoning amendments defended by Fischel and Nelson impose very high informational costs on buyers and developers.
61 ("This practice of seriatim opinions would persist until the appointment of Marshall, who put an abrupt end to it.
101 However, in courts which do not have such a formalized process of communication, or worse, deliver their judgments seriatim, a dissenting opinion will have little to no impact.
in the aggregate, but rather are made seriatim and according to a
Do the churches continue to enter into an ever-increasing number of full-communion agreements seriatim, or do they try to turn bilateral agreements into trilaterals or even quadrilaterals?
In the following paragraphs we will analyse principle of sound fiscal and debt management in seriatim and also the current implementation status of each principle.
A: Risk management in the insurance business can be thought of as a layer cake, starting with a foundation where actuaries need data to perform asset liability management, stochastic modeling and seriatim processing.
8) In addition, the Australian High Court, with one chief justice and six associate justices, operates under a seriatim system, whereby justices generally write separate opinions in each decision.
Fukuyama similarly dismisses the economist Mancur Olson's theory of the "stationary bandit," which explains how government could have arisen as a consequence of roaming entrepreneurial gangs' discovery that they could improve their private lot by providing public goods to disorganized populations rather than by forcibly extorting them seriatim.
The ten journal poems of Zone Journals are composed both in sections, separated by horizontal lines, like all the seriatim poems since "The Southern Cross," but they also include an indication of the entry--a dash for the day's record.
However, for clarity of presentation, we discuss these categories seriatim and provide examples within each.