series of measures

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Summary: Decision is part of a series of measures taken by Tunisia to boost Arab and foreign investments in its tourism sector
Speaking to the National News Agency, Jreissati explained the series of measures he had adopted, from asking the State Prosecutor to issue search warrants as per article 14 of the Penal Code, in addition to a travel ban and an autopsy authorization.
Summary: The Justice Ministry is working on a series of measures to clamp down on corruption, Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi said Monday, acknowledging that Lebanon still had a long way to go in this regard.
UTICA members, who attended the meeting, suggested a series of measures to overcome problems faced by some sectors.
The minister added that the Tunisian government should take a series of measures to reduce that deficit, including the preliminary control of certain imported food products, before explaining that this measure would encourage not importing products that are not necessities.
They were halted around a year ago and since then Bulgaria undertook series of measures and inspections.
The Dubai Customs undertook a series of measures to facilitate the entry of travellers to the DIA's three terminals and Al Maktoum Airport terminal.
Last Thursday, the ECB cut interest rates to record lows, launched a series of measures to pump money into the sluggish eurozone economy, and pledged to do more if needed to fight off the risk of Japan-like deflation.
Research and Innovation Minister Sean Sherlock added: "The pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry is an important sector for the Irish economy and the Government's Action Plan for Jobs includes a series of measures to sustain and grow this sector.
Summary: New legislation is latest in series of measures aimed at cracking down on numbers of Africans entering country illegally.
BASF continues to implement a series of measures within its Performance Products segment to strengthen its competitiveness.
The motion was to introduce a series of measures to protect tenants, which include a promise not to evict people because of "bedroom tax" arrears.