serious accident

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References in classic literature ?
He had to go--Allan Lyons at the Glen has met with a serious accident.
This morning we had again some little trouble with the rod of the propeller, which must be entirely remodelled, for fear of serious accident - I mean the steel rod - not the vanes.
I am sorry to knock you up so early, Doctor," said he, "but I have had a very serious accident during the night.
My reading had taught me that many serious accidents had happened in the Alps simply from not having the people tied up soon enough; I was not going to add one to the list.
com outlines information for patients who've been injured in a serious accident and are considering seeking life care planning help.
What is his son's serious accident got to do with this incident?
Mitsubishis and Citroens were second and third most likely to be involved in a serious accident.
COASTGUARDS have warned there could be a serious accident on the Holy Island causeway after a number of incidents when the tide was out.
It is the second serious accident at a fairground in less than a week.
The policemen were checking the car's brakes when they met with a serious accident in Mehtarlam, the provincial capital, on Saturday, police chief, Brig.
We analyse the results of every serious accident that involves death or serious injury and the new strategy reflects the results of that analysis.
The latter two serious accidents should be compared to the eight fatal or serious accidents in the 36-month period from 2006 to 2008 - the serious accident rate has thus been halved.