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According to The Observer , Brian Serius, in a petition filed on July 7, 2016, says upon being invited by Uganda, al-Bashir attended Museveni's swearing in on 12 May.
serius Silvestri [introducida a Mexico en 1938 y en 1943 para el control de la mosca prieta de los citricos, Aleurocanthus woglumi (Smith et al.
A New Paradigm for Serius Games: Transmedia Learning for More Effective Training and Education.
Lego Serius Play[C] Innovacion y Metodologia que disena Creatividad competencias que permitan innovar y mejorar el desempeno del personal de las organizaciones.
Ego tamen Solomonis esse non puto, sed scriptum serius sub illius Regis, tanquam poenitentia ducti, nomine.
If there is serius [sic] disagreement in the convention it will be under this head.
After the token walk out, leader of the opposition Isharat Dar said that Balistan situation worsening day by day and government not serius to resolve the isuue.
It suffers from a serius of infirmities which significantly detract from its credibility.
Serius egressus vestigia vidit in alto pulvere certa ferae totoque expalluit ore Pyramus: ut vero vestem quoque sanguine tinctam repperit, 'una duos' inquit 'nox perdet amantes.
This crisis is the most serius since the downfall of the Pahlavi monarchy in early 1979.
So there will be some serius questions about the safety measures taken at the centre.
Wilfried Stroh returns to Innsbruck with "Vom Kasperletheater zum Martyrerdrama: Jacobus Baldes Innsbrucker Schulkomodie locus serius (1629)," showing how the play of Jacob Balde (1604-1668) helps to articulate the principles of tragicomedy in Neo-Latin drama.