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Row upon row of gaunt faces, serried ranks of grimy, raged figures; the delicate, hunger-ravaged features of children waiting in line for an UNRWA food parcel; the face of a mother creased in grief for a deceased child; tears of joy as a father is reunited with a long-lost daughter; these are the vignettes of inhumanity that have become the regular fare of nightly news bulletins.
As I passed serried ranks of oak, liquidambar, taxodium and amelanchier in their autumn colours, one species that really stood out was nyssa, its leaves aflame in bright orange and red.
Far from a distress sale, the orderly liquidation process, in fact, serried as another model of black wealth building and estate management.
While the fish-scale pattern of the cedars' serried ranks may catch the eye and seem oh-so Japanese, their dense growth allows little of the original forest's rich understory to grow in the un-dappled dark beneath their boughs.
Hoeft most recently serried as managing partner and muster brewer for Minnesota-based James Page Brewing Company, where he oversaw all aspects of the business.
But most people would think that what's left of the unspoilt coast is infinitely more attractive than the serried ranks of these caravans.
In between come the serried ranks of sandwich makers.
They were supported by serried ranks of promoters, lawyers, accountants, bankers, engineers, surveyors, and other professionals, all of whom stood to gain by maintaining a free market in company law, if not in actual chicanery.
The scale of wind energy projects in the UK and Europe, under construction or in the planning, feasibility, and permitting stages, is growing dramatically, as the battles continue against the advance of serried rows of turbine towers on the march across eco-sensitive terrain and beloved landscapes.
Tory Paul Goodman surveyed serried rows of seats empty but for the ministerial frontbench and observed: "They have come to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with this Queen's Speech that a speedy election won't put right.