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The BAC serves as the coordinating body by joining social service and health care providers together for the purpose of sharing resources such as program staff, space, and materials.
Serve with thin slices of pumpernickel bread or water crackers.
The broad jurisdictional coverage of the new offering means attorneys with cases in California courts may now upload documents to the File & Serve site and select delivery options such as same day or next-day courier delivery, next-day FedEx([R]), or U.
Serve with celery, carrots and blue cheese dressing.
Serve immediately or place in a glass jar and marinate at room temperature up to 1 month or refrigerate up to 3 months.
Along with quicker and more cost efficient filing, electronic filing through File & Serve also offers improved case monitoring capabilities and online case files.
If the state is going to require residents to serve on juries, it at least owes them the courtesy of not wasting their time.
Serve chilled shrimp arranged on a platter or piled into a serving dish.
Hefter also used to serve it warm with crab meat and warm leek bacon vinaigrette with a little mache on top at Granita, Puck's Malibu restaurant.
Koch served as President and Professor of Economics of Old Dominion University, where he currently serves as the President Emeritus and the Board of Visitors Professor of Economics.
The Salvation Army will serve dinners at the following locations:
Cook and serve in the same bowl and be sure to pass a big basket of tortilla chips on the side.