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Many of the various proposals may serviceably account for their particular sets of results, but none of them has the general capacity to account for almost all of these findings in the way that the first sight model does.
Whether it be the history of jazz, of hip hop, or even of rock criticism itself, chances are that an anthology exists that can serviceably guide students through the relevant issues and introduce them to some of the significant personalities involved.
With its arching, upside-down legs and inverted seating serviceably touching the ground, the public can both comfortably seat themselves and question their sensory expectations, allowing the artist to challenge the established relationship between public space and the physical landscape.
Generations of students and professors did serviceably well before the ongoing transformation of the law school into a thoroughgoing academic discipline.
Despite Conversagent's one kinky conundrum, the ASA's ardor ostensibly substantiates its conjecture--I found the solution to be serviceably innovative.
A number of innovative initiatives were incorporated, which served to demonstrate the integration of creative civil engineering in sympathy for both the surrounding environment, and long term serviceably of the facility.
The likelihood that it would not continue serviceably if a damaging earthquake occurred is high.
He serviceably reviews the history of each of these "schools.
The faint whiff of hysteria has been serviceably raised, so we're off and running.