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The book is serviceably, if not elegantly, written, with a relentless tendency to run-on sentences.
Include him always standing serviceably by, ready to move should he be needed, to abide if not.
The effective party component of the measure is also serviceably relevant to dictatorships, who may or may not choose to surround themselves with a party.
It is serviceably printed (albeit some of the facsimiles in the appendix of illustrations are too small to be read in comfort), but is one of those vexing volumes that refuse to lie open on the desk, and it is rather heavy for the extended hand-holding that is concomitant with the subject-matter.
This serviceably written book by the president of the conservative think tank, The Ethics and Public Policy Center, is a worthwhile contribution to the debate.
Let regret for the last chapter's brevity stand as a measure of how thoroughly and serviceably Masten has otherwise mapped the intersection of textuality, sexuality, and political power in the construction of early modern authorship.
He could draw serviceably well but had trouble with gags.
Of course, in this case, modern analogs of every step up the ramp can be found, working serviceably in dozens of eyes dotted independently around the animal kingdom.
His own performance as Hamlet doesn't bring out the character's melancholy depth but is serviceably energetic, and his reading of "O that this too too solid flesh might melt" should encourage lazy moviegoers to attempt further decoding of Shakespearean syntax.
We would far more serviceably take care not to lie to or about the people we are covering.
Subtle one-to-a-part ensemble playing, ill-suited to such echoing spaces, is replaced by robust orchestral accompaniment; the vocal solos are sung by members of the choir, always serviceably and sometimes admirably; and the performances, far from being mercurial, have a rocklike steadiness of rhythmic tread, and a grandeur vividly suggestive of the great building itself.
As we all know, if the door is locked, Isabel Archer's imagination will jump out the window; and James is serviceably ready to throw up the sash.