set at naught

References in classic literature ?
To remain in the tent until she should be discovered would be to set at naught all that she had risked to gain her freedom, and so with stealthy step and every sense alert she approached the back of the tent to set out upon the first stage of her adventure.
In short, the magnifying influence of fear began to set at naught the calculations of reason, and to render those who should have remembered their manhood, the slaves of the basest passions.
Madame Defarge was not likely to follow these idiomatic remarks in detail; but, she so far understood them as to perceive that she was set at naught.
As Bradley gazed upon them in wide-eyed astonishment, he saw plainly that all his intelligence, all his acquired knowledge through years of observation and experience were set at naught by the simple evidence of the fact that stood out glaringly before his eyes--the creatures' wings were not mechanical devices but as natural appendages, growing from their shoulderblades, as were their arms and legs.
Familiar as the voice of the mind is to each, the highest merit we ascribe to Moses, Plato and Milton is that they set at naught books and traditions, and spoke not what men, but what they thought.
Absorption of the appellants in the Gwadar Development Authority being against the law and rules was to be set at naught.
But, that dream was set at naught when Mujib, with his wife and three sons, - Kamal, Jamal and Russell - were mowed down by some army officers.
In fact, whatever foreign policy brownie points New Delhi did manage to garner with its Jaffna airdrop were later set at naught with the Indian Peace Keeping Force embroiled in a long, bloody and messy entanglement in trying to resolve Colombo's decades-old internal conflict with the LTTE.
The concurrent findings on facts recorded by the learned two Courts below cannot be set at naught unless it is proved that the same are either perverse, fanciftil or erroneous in view of the dicta handed down in the cases of Abdur Rahim and another Vs.
That is, whatever he hath seen, and heard, and understood, all must he set at naught .
If we allow the international community to be set at naught by a tyrant whose evil is not exceeded in the last half century, the United Nations will go the way of the League of Nations.
Yeats' 1937 poem "The Three Bushes," accentuates the fact that women cannot be so set at naught in today's Ireland, North or South.