set back

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Signer's sculptures "are set back into their coming-to-be" so that future and past flow into one another, making the invisible, inexpressible mutability that's the essence of time accessible to experience.
In doing so, he's set back any progress that gays and lesbians who truly want to serve in the military may have made.
Early scouts were sent out on reconnaissance missions to find a nice spot to camp--however, this was set back by the arrival of the Volcom RV, towing a mini-ramp and filled to the brim with band equipment.
Only the legendary Nathan Cohen was devastating, claiming the film had set back the film industry by seven years.
Chief Robert Joseph says, "This will set back whatever momentum there was for justice, healing, and reconciliation.
THE United States terror attacks have set back the cause of other struggles around the world, said Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams.
The entire project was set back from its original scheduled opening of October due to a two-month delay in obtaining steel, Richardson says.
The city's Electric Power Company said that a third of the 600 clocks it controls in Zurich were set back an hour on Saturday.
One can only hope that this symbol miscue will not set back the environmental cause or result in decreased book sales.
Expansive, Jet Mist paved terraces grace 8th floor residences where the building's set back design creates monumental outdoor entertainment and relaxation spaces.