set going

References in classic literature ?
I'm going to be agent for two estates, Freshitt and Tipton; and perhaps for a pretty little bit of land in Lowick besides: it's all the same family connection, and employment spreads like water if it's once set going.
I know that the house has not been properly set going yet, there are beds to make, the exterior of the teapot is fair, but suppose some one were to look inside?
Other steamers came out to look for her, and ultimately towed her away from the cold edge of the world into a harbour with docks and workshops, where, with many blows of hammers, her pulsating heart of steel was set going again to go forth presently in the renewed pride of its strength, fed on fire and water, breathing black smoke into the air, pulsating, throbbing, shouldering its arrogant way against the great rollers in blind disdain of winds and sea.
Well, I was set going before we got up from the table.
If I'd only the heart to throw up what's been set going.
All this was set going by Marfa Petrovna who managed to slander Dounia and throw dirt at her in every family.
And with New Zealand, their rivals and overwhelming pre-race favourites for second behind champions Germany, finishing out of the points, the stage was set going into the longer feature event.
We had kept our set going after the game and we were there long enough to catch a marvelous production number.
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