set guidelines

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SUSTAINABILITY RATING OR RANKING SYStems often judge schools by performance or set guidelines.
The midwives association will receive 660,000 [pounds sterling] a year to promote research, set guidelines and train midwives in procedures such as external cephalic version--turning breech babies--in order to avoid caesarean sections.
RIO DE JANEIRO - Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday set guidelines for the Catholic Church to follow in order to restore its fading prestige in the Latin American and the Caribbean region.
And most parents are quite capable of deciding when they should turn the off switch without referring to a set guidelines.
The year-long agreement calls for the organizations to work toward increasing training opportunities for appraisers, and to set guidelines and promote high-quality appraisal work for conservation easements.
International delegates established committees which have met annually to set guidelines on all foods, agriculture, and nutritional supplements since 1963.
VA administers the pension program within the congressionally set guidelines.
While budget resolutions set guidelines, they don't require appropriations bills to follow their advice.
Martin said that while PWRDF is currently able to set guidelines regarding the investment of its funds, which are being managed by Bank of Montreal's Harris Trust, the board realized that it needed a clearer strategy on how investment decisions are made.
Lubricity additives in diesel are being driven by the ASTM D975 that in June set guidelines recommending the use of these additives in diesels fuels, effective Jan.
PDF/A is being established to set guidelines for archiving and preserving digital documents in PDF.
If your district chooses to accept donated equipment: set guidelines for what you will accept, like only machines in working condition no older than three years (which is the outside age limit on a computer if the donating company expects to get a tax credit for it), or only machines in working condition that are already configured to work in a network.