set limitations

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It has set limitations to the military power of the president.
Pro: Much faster load for mobile pages because of caching and explicitly set limitations
Globally, many nutrition recommendations no longer set limitations to the intake of dietary cholesterol.
The pre-targeting options are used to set limitations for receiving the ad requests from targeting countries, ad categories and ad type and size.
You never have to set limitations or targets for any player, but for me he is improving every year.
Parental controls provide parents with the ability to set limitations on children's use of the Internet.
Under trichotomy of power, he said these three basic pillars are authorized to exercise their powers under the set limitations, and added that the constitution granted no permission to any institution to interfere into the affairs and powers of other institution.
She considers the constitutional framework for risk analysis, which Treaty provisions relate to food law, whether the risk analysis methodology and precautionary principle apply only to implementing regulatory measures or whether they set limitations on the legislator, what the scope of application of the precautionary principle is as defined in Article 7 of the General Food Law, and how other legitimate factors are incorporated into the decision-making process at EU and national levels of governance.
He said the National Transitional Council, NTC, is laying the foundation for the establishment of democratic governance, but a combination of a tight timeline, inexperience in drafting electoral legislation, shortcomings in communication and the lack of proper mechanisms for consultation have set limitations to the process of drafting the electoral law.
Whether it is the Parliament, Executive or Judiciary, the Constitution has set limitations for every institution.
Because the Asian longhorned beetle thrives on hardwoods, the state and federal governments have set limitations on the types of trees that can be replanted in a beetle zone.
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