set limits

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Under the plans, which set limits on the prices that customers in England and Wales will pay for water between 2020 and 2025, Ofwat said it is proposing to set the so-called cost of capital that has a direct bearing on bills at a record low of 2.
The Commission has also started taking action on another carcinogenic pollutant, NO2 for which EU legislation has set limits since 2010.
They are implementing a new law, which came into force yesterday, making it illegal to drive with set limits for both illegal and certain legal drugs for the first time.
We suggest to set limits so that a group visa will be issued, for instance, for a group of not less than 5 and no more than 25 people," he explained.
This is the third in a trilogy of books on how to set limits vis-a-vis strangers, friends, family, and cyberspace, and beat back incursions by social media, smartphones, and other devices, while maximizing utility and minimizing distractions and dangers.
The first set limits the angle of the winch cable as a load is being pulled in.
3) If your kids want something from the gift shop on an outing, set limits.
The figure comes into force after water regulator Ofwat set limits in 2004 on the prices water and sewerage companies could charge customers between 2005-10.
In return for financial aid, General Motors says it is willing to offer the government preferred stock, set limits on executive compensation and to speed-up the introduction of fuel-efficient vehicles.
Criticising "our chronic incapacity to set limits for ourselves" (but noting that he was not targeting the developing countries), Hulot said "we are obliged individually and collectively to set limits for ourselves, to define a new development model".
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set limits for mobile banking services in the country.
The lawsuit says Cemex California LLC made major improvements in 1997 and 2000 without getting permits required by the Clean Air Act, a measure the federal government adopted in 1990 to set limits on emissions.