set of standards

See: protocol
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In conversations with clients, describe in detail what each set of standards requires, what each is intended to do and what each will not do.
The focus of IASB--which has been operating since April 2001--had been preparing its inherited set of standards for use.
OSCRE will deliver its first set of standards in 2004 focused around transactions and metrics using open xml standards.
1 goal is to converge to the same set of standards, which means that there won't be any differences between international standards and U.
Ideally one should evaluate a method with a set of standards that were not used for its creation, but this is virtually impossible, given the scarcity of measurements on reliable standards.
Every set of standards that we as a society currently use to identify ourselves is coupled with an opposing set: good versus bad, female versus male, hetero versus homo.
They are trying to set in motion a set of standards .
Kellas said, "There should be only one set of standards, but we should listen to issues raised by smaller entities and write standards [so] all can use them.
HERZ: "Complete" would mean that there would be only one set of standards.
Government Auditing Standards) for public entities; the ASB abandoning its role as a standard setter, resulting in one set of standards developed by the PCAOB which would apply to all entity auditors; or the PCAOB creating its own separate rule-making body in addition to the ASB, resulting in two separate sets of standards.