set straight

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However, after Operation Ocean's findings, Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger has vowed to send the review to the Home Affairs Select Committee "so the record can be set straight.
The point they had to be set straight by a distressed Gold Star widow, you'd of thought would have seen a bigger commander-inchief stand down and apologise for any hurt he may have caused.
We expected this outcome, yet we approached the Supreme Court to have our reservations redressed and the record set straight through the review petitions,' the railway minister said.
But the record can be set straight soon when Microsoft discloses all relevant information regarding these new Surface notebooks, set to be officially launched in a few hours, as of this writing.
Magazine reported that the wedding was off - a claim the "DWTS" judge later set straight.
She explained that the first phase of the initiative would be implemented through the Command & Control Rooms, whose personnel are highly trained and equipped to handle and set straight reported actions.
The stylish and sophisticated tone for the house is set straight away in the foyer, with its ebonized wood floors and spectacularly sculptural floating circular staircase.
Mr Skates has demanded the record is set straight after a representative of Tomlinsons Dairy 'inferred' he supported proposals for a three phased expansion of the plant in Minera, Wrexham.
That is a matter for them, but it is important the record on our reaction to their request is set straight.
Now the former captain and manager feels it's time the record is set straight and Wallace is given the standing in the game that his achievements deserve.
And it's a record Morrison is keen to set straight.
He would tell me arrive on the set straight out of bed, with no make- up.