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v. to schedule, as to "set a case for trial."

See: adjust, appraise, assemblage, assess, assign, cement, chain, chronic, class, compact, confederacy, crystallize, customary, deposit, designate, embed, firm, fix, fixed, formal, habitual, inexorable, ingrained, instate, inveterate, levy, locate, permanent, pertinacious, place, plant, positive, prescribe, prescriptive, prevalent, ready, repose, resolute, resolve, rigid, routine, settle, situated, society, stabilize, unyielding, usual

SET, contracts. Foreign bills of exchange are generally drawn in parts; as, "pay this my first bill of exchange, second and third of the same tenor and date not paid;" the whole of these parts, which make but one bill, are called a set. Chit. Bills, 175, 6, (edition of 1836); 2 Pardess. n. 342.

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