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Crowley said, "well, we will be setting the agenda led by Lady Catherine Ashton between now and then.
Yet again Harry has been setting the agenda, this time with his startling revelations on the Wembley fiasco.
We need help setting the agenda for the next century.
The Setting the Agenda for Safer Communities conference has been organised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
They are: (1) the mediator's opening monologue, (2) the parties' opening statements, (3) setting the agenda, (4) brainstorming negotiations, (5) writing the agreement, and (6) closure.
The ground Howard covers may seem familiar to many who have read the new historicists' extensive research on antitheatrical tracts, but the essay serves an important function here by clearly setting the agenda for the group's investigations of gender, transgressive sexuality, and anxiety implicit in the struggle for social place both on- and offstage.
People like the idea of a Britain that is constructive, engaged and setting the agenda.
Their campaign succeeded and they took over the organisation, setting the agenda for years to come, but not without fighting off various dissidents, notably Hugo Haring who represented the Berlin 'Ring'.