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So I think your qualifications in setting the agenda are, number one, familiarity with and knowledge of the community and its problems, and number two, a certain objectivity and independence which I would hope you would have.
Copies of Management Systems and the Business Assurance Agenda and the Setting the Agenda for Change research report are available for free download at www.
Small and Mid-Sized Business 2005 IT and General Business Priorities: Setting the Agenda for the Next 12 Months," July 2005
All these developments are tracked and analyzed in the fifth edition of Cinemagoing Asia Pacific, the most comprehensive account available anywhere of a huge regional market that is today setting the agenda for the international film business
As Business Objects continues to lead and define the business intelligence industry, Rene will play a key role in setting the agenda for the market.
The USTA Board of Directors, which is made up of key industry executives from service providers and equipment suppliers, is responsible for setting the agenda for the USTA's legal, regulatory, and business development strategy on an annual basis.