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BEIRUT: The General Labor Confederation is setting the stage for the general strike set for May 3 to press the government to subsidize the price of gasoline and improve the social and medical benefits for the working class in Lebanon.
In Maryland the court of appeals, the state's highest court, recently took jurisdiction over a marriage equality case, setting the stage for oral arguments in December.
Canada has won legal appeals to NAFTA," reported the April 27 Vancouver Sun, setting the stage for the $4 billion settlement.
In fact, the number of overweight adolescents has tripled in the past 20 years, setting the stage for a population plagued by lifelong health problems.
ADSE represents a transformation of our core adaptive communications systems, setting the stage for dramatic new growth," said Dana Love, vice president and general manager for ADC's Enhanced Services Division.
The government is preparing for the shock by setting the stage for reforms in the banking system and the capital markets that will be as ambitious as any undertaken by an Asian country during the modern period: