settle accounts

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With healthcare providers under increased pressure to more quickly settle accounts, the market is in need of ways to better facilitate financial transactions between patients and providers.
The Israeli State Prosecutor's Office said in a statement, "The trial was presented as an attempt to settle accounts with an innocent man because of his political activities.
Zach-Parkett has to repay another EUR 3 million to suppliers and has to settle accounts with up to 1,000 creditors.
With the new solution, lenders and their attorneys and vendors can settle accounts payable and receivable quicker and with fewer errors than when manually toggling between accounting and invoicing systems, according to ISGN.
On his return, they must have had several meetings to settle accounts.
As credit card firms push up the cost of borrowing for those who fail to settle accounts promptly, Abbey Credit Cards says that 7.
Sell orders were limited because institutional investors refrained from decreasing their bond-holdings before they settle accounts in the business year ending on March 31, dealers said.
operators) may travel overseas on a regular basis to settle accounts in person with their contacts.
A service begun in March enables them to check the use of parking space in the past year when they settle accounts with corporate cards.
It is the unshakable will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with the Japanese imperialists for all its crimes in forcing misfortunes and sufferings of all descriptions upon the Koreans after illegally occupying Korea.
Dixons said margins continued to be lower than a year earlier, mainly because of the willingness of customers to settle accounts at the end of interest-free periods, and a change in the product mix.
They blamed the fall on more business-based sales, the willingness of customers to settle accounts at the end of interest-free periods and a change in the product mix in some electrical stores.