settle amicably

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After almost an hour of arguing at the guard's station, the three decided to settle amicably," Policar told INQUIRER.
We again propose that we settle amicably the (PWU) issue," Dr.
It is fair to say that in most cases they settle amicably.
It depends a lot on whether they are still speaking to each other and can settle amicably.
There are contracts that aren't perfect but nine out of 10 we settle amicably.
The Government says negotiation must be tried before the complaints procedure is invoked and only if they can't settle amicably can they turn to the council.
and the Fujisankei media group to hold discussions to try to settle amicably their takeover battle for control of Nippon Broadcasting System Inc.
And whereas there may be persons disposed to interfere with our rights, and thus create distrust, excitement, and alarm; Therefore it is Resolved, that in our case there is safety, only in Union--and a determination to settle amicably any disputes amongst us, to reciprocate concessions, and avoid every thing, that may have a tendency to create distrust and excitement--to abide explicitly by the wards of the several committees, and defend them in the discharge of the duties assigned to them.
EMC says HP wouldn't settle amicably so it went to court.