settle disputes

See: negotiate
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We skirted around two-thirds of the island, four miles from shore, and all the opera glasses in the ship were called into requisition to settle disputes as to whether mossy spots on the uplands were groves of trees or groves of weeds, or whether the white villages down by the sea were really villages or only the clustering tombstones of cemeteries.
She urged all sides to earnestly implement the UN Security Council's resolution and the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative, and settle disputes through political dialogue.
A COMMISSION formed through a Royal decree to settle disputes of stalled development projects has been rubber-stamped by the Shura Council.
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques spares no effort to achieve the unity, security, stability and welfare of the nation", he said, hailing his initiative to settle disputes between the GCC states and his call to restore pan-Arab solidarity.
HMRC, which has faced severe criticism over its willingness to do 'sweetheart deals' to settle disputes with big business and the super rich, said that the settlement of all disputes is 'governed by their published litigation and settlement strategy, ensuring that they only settle for the tax that is owed and which would otherwise be achieved through litigation'.
However, there is also a need to recognise that in 1914 these people, on all sides, were simply unlucky to be living in states that were aggressive, militaristic and ready to use war to settle disputes that could have been resolved peacefully.
CEFTA member-states should settle disputes by way of arbitration because it is much faster, efficient and cost-efficient than the court, experts say.
Vani' is a conservative custom which offer young girls as brides in compensation to settle disputes.
JEDDAH: ARAB NEWSThe Labor Ministry has set up specialized panels to settle disputes involving maids and other house workers.
Al-Ahmad added that the Ministry is working to establish so-called "summary justice" and courts specialized in investment issues as the upcoming stage would be the reconstruction stage that needs courts to settle disputes quickly.
Shabita met with representatives from a number of international accounting agencies, including KPMG, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, and Ernst & Young, in order to seek solutions to problems faced by investors operating within Egypt, and discover ways to settle disputes amicably, without the need to resort to international arbitration centres.
THE 'bonkers' relaxation of home extension planning regulations will set neighbours at each other's throats cost the taxpayer up to PS200,000 a year to settle disputes, city planning chiefs have claimed.