settled principle

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Oh, I never make matches, my dear prince, it is my settled principle.
For boys follow one another in herds like sheep, for good or evil; they hate thinking, and have rarely any settled principles.
Is it not a settled principle of our jurisprudence that all statutory law (including the Election Act, 2017) must be read, interpreted and applied in accordance with the Constitution?
It is a settled principle that any disciplinary proceedings relating to misconduct of an employee /officer of any department, which entail major penalty of removal/ dismissal from service, must be inquired through regular inquiry, which cannot be dispensed with, in matter where controversial facts and ticklish questions are involved '.
The accused are in complete violation of settled principle of law as well as provisions of Section 17(a) and 17(e) (ii) (v) of the 1969 Securities and Exchange Ordinance, and all enabling provisions.
There is settled principle that transition from small to big business enterprise and from big to bigger business doesn't happen automatically even in a rapidly growing economy.
The learned counsel contended that the facts stated by complainant that holding of the 'panchayat' were 'hearsay' goes against the settled principle that all facts, whether seen or perceived, would be stated in the court as direct evidence of the event.
It is a well settled principle of law that where a taxpayer keeps his books and files his returns on the accrual basis, income is to be accounted for in the year in which it is realized, irrespective of when it is ultimately received.
However, in view of the settled principle of law that a policy directive cannot override or prevail an express provisions of the statute passed by the legislature, the Bench held that no protection or immunity can be sought from the application of the Competition Act by the undertakings under the umbrella of such a policy directive.
It is a settled principle of law, and it is that - justice should not only be done but seen to be done.
IF EVER THERE OUGHT TO BE A settled principle in American public life, it's the one embodied in the Fourteenth Amendment.
The government contended that convictions in absentia had no place in the Pakistani law, adding that it had been a settled principle of the country's laws since the inception of the state.