settled purpose

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He felt thrown back on himself, and this, added to his absorbing interest in the hope of a victory of his mesmeric powers, became a deep and settled purpose of revenge.
This new arrangement had evidently been effected with a settled purpose of some sort.
My dictionary states that a resolution is a settled purpose.
Those who are just and resolute will not be moved from their settled purpose, either by the misdirected rage of their fellow citizens, or threats of an imperious society.
A determination of habitual residence must focus on the child's acclimation and settled purpose.
113) This acclimatization and settled purpose inquiry takes into account the child's "experience in and contacts with her surroundings," as well as whether the child has become "firmly rooted" so that a return would take the child from her "family and social environment.
The balancing approach's strength lies in its commitment to inquire into acclimatization and settled purpose from the perspective of the child.
The Third Circuit's approach emphasizes objective indications of acclimation and settled purpose, but courts should elaborate on the identified factors and expand those considered.
All the law requires is that there is [sic] a settled purpose.
The first category includes circumstances where the family unit had "a settled purpose to change habitual residence" even though one parent "may have had qualms about the move.
An "ordinary resident" is an individual who is '"living in the UK voluntarily for a settled purpose as part of the regular order of his or her life for the time being' with 'an identifiable purpose for his or her residence here'" if "that purpose [has] a sufficient degree of continuity to be properly described as settled.
A court must determine when the child is old enough to have an independent sense of settled purpose instead of substituting the parents' settled purpose and intent, determine the manner in which parental intent influenced the child's subjective intent, and decide how much weight to give the identified objective factors.