settlement of differences

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China advocates the peaceful settlement of differences between different Afghan parties through political dialogue and an Afghan-lead and Afghan-owned peace process, added the spokesperson.
He then called for the peaceful settlement of differences and underlined the need for cooperation among main regional players to ease the current tensions.
In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari underlined the necessity for the settlement of differences between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but meantime, said that Tehran doesn't accept Riyadh's hegemonic policies against Doha.
We urge Azerbaijan and Armenia to cease clashes promptly and use all their might to restore tranquility and peaceful settlement of differences within the peace groups and under the United Nation," the spokesman said.
The use of early intervention techniques to ensure the timely settlement of differences between employers and contractors is gaining widespread acceptance internationally, especially when married to contractors' commitment to a broader collaborative culture.
Darwish expressed his wishes for the settlement of differences through dialog on the basis of the federal Constitution.
The IGAD official has stressed that the differences in south Sudan could be resolved only through dialogue not via war and that negotiations were the best avenue for settlement of differences.
Speaking in the name of the delegation, Assistant Chairman of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Central Committee of the Party, Qah Yutzhou, stressed China's unswerving position in bolstering cooperation with Arab countries, indicating that China shall proceed with such a support in a bid to find solutions to standing causes through political means and the settlement of differences via dialogue.
The Treaty provides a procedure for the settlement of differences and disputes, he said and added that any question, which arose between the parties, was to be first examined by the Indus Water Commission.
A'These discussions represent the best opportunity for Yemenis to consult with each other to reach a peaceful settlement of differences and grievances that divide themA', Hague said.
He continued, "Barzani started, last weekend, a range of consultations with the rest of the parties, regarding the settlement of differences and problems experienced by Iraq at the moment, and these consultations will be completed tomorrow after the weekend.
Filing an application under Article 84 of the Chicago Convention for resolution of the dispute according to the ICAO Rules for the Settlement of Differences